With full access to a multitude of insurance products, we are expertly qualified to identify which
ones will work best for your business. Our commitment to personalized, high-quality service
helps you find the right insurance to manage your business, minimize your risk, and measure
your return.

We offer services in the following types of insurance and bonds:

Contractor Liability Insurance
Contractor Liability Insurance protects you, your team members, and your contracting business
from unexpected financial loss and lawsuits claiming injuries or property damage that occur as
the result of business operations. Contractor Liability Insurance provides coverage in the
following areas: bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury, and medical payments.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Workers’ Compensation Insurance provides benefits to employees for injuries and illnesses that
occur in the course of their work, while protecting your business from a lawsuit. When an
employee is injured at work, Workers’ Compensation Insurance can cover medical bills,
recovery costs, and partial missed wages.

Commercial Auto Insurance
Commercial Auto Insurance is liability and physical damage coverage for vehicles, such as cars,
trucks, and vans, driven for business. Commercial Auto Insurance can help pay for repairs to
damages caused by theft, accidents or collisions, or weather. It can also cover lawsuit costs
associated with accidents or collisions, such as medical expenses and legal fees.

Property and Builders Risk
Builders Risk Insurance is a type of property insurance designed to cover buildings and
structures under construction, development, or renovation as well as materials and equipment
used in the construction.

Trucking Insurance
Trucking Insurance, like many auto insurance policies, comes with several types of coverage,
each of which is designed to protect your personal assets and your trucking business. Types of
coverage include, but are not limited to: liability insurance, damage insurance, cargo insurance,
workers’ compensation insurance, and medical payments insurance.

Surety Bonds
A surety bond is an agreement that legally binds three parties: The surety who sells the bond,
the obligee who requires the bond, and the principal who needs the bond. A surety bond
protects the obligee against damages or losses resulting from the principal’s failure to fulfill the

Contract Bonds
A contract bond is a type of surety bond that guarantees the terms of a contract are fulfilled.
Contract bonds are most commonly used in the construction industry. If the contracted party
fails to fulfill the terms of the agreement, the party who owns the contract can recover financial

Commercial Bonds
A commercial bond is a general type of surety bond, and is often referred to as a non-contract
surety bond. A commercial bond is used to guarantee companies will conduct business
according to the federal and state laws regulating their industry; examples include: public
official bonds, license and permit bonds, and probate and other court bonds.